Our Core Values

Our Mission

We deliver comprehensive wealth management and investment advice to clients with relationships based on trust, open communication, and integrity. Our clients are making the best use of their financial, human, and emotional resources while pursuing their passions.

The following core values help guide us in fulfilling that mission:


  • There exists a generosity of spirit among our staff, with clients and within our communities.
  • Our advisors use their planning skills to assist clients with a tax-intelligent philanthropic strategy.
  • We donate a minimum of five percent of our annual profits to charity.


  • We deliver advanced wealth management services using consistent processes delivered to all clients with industry-leading skill and personalized attention. Our clients and staff spend the majority of their time using their extensive knowledge to help our clients while also maximizing their professional and personal growth.
  • Our clients and staff spend the majority of their time taking advantage of their genius qualities and maximizing their professional and personal growth.


  • We are a cooperative community acting as one team, showing respect for each other and clients.
  • We act with the utmost integrity in our client relationships, including always putting the clients' interest first and doing what we say we will do.
  • We respect the value of all life, and as such, will attempt to invest in a manner that alleviates suffering and avoids environmental degradation.
  • We will make every attempt to minimize our firm's environmental impact by utilizing recycling, telecommuting, and electronic communication wherever practical.

Personal Growth

  • Our firm selects new clients who are actively engaged in improving themselves and the world through their work, philanthropy, relationships, and personal growth endeavors.


  • Part of our advice includes finding ways to reduce spending and develop realistic and achievable future goals for our clients so that their long-term financial plans can more easily succeed with less stress and effort in the present.
  • We strive for a true work/life balance for our employees (and our clients), understanding that you can fail by growing too fast and working too hard.
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