For over twenty years, Abacus has been at the cutting edge of bringing exceptional financial advice and education to those who were previously unable to obtain it. We were among the earliest adopters of the Fee-Only business model, offered passive investment management before most people had even heard the term, applied social screening to portfolios beginning in the early 90's, and lowered our investment minimums to allow more people access to the Abacus Rainbow Portfolio beginning in 2005. To this end, this section of our website is designed to help everyone, regardless of financial resources, get objective and helpful advice on their financial journey.

Our Education pages include a host of products, tips and recommendations that range in price from $0 to $99. These include:

  • Investment education in book excerpts or our monthly conference calls.
  • Our 5 minute quiz which helps you determine your dominant money type so that you might cultivate more balance in your approach to money
  • Audio downloads that provide tools and suggestions to help you calm anxiety and understand the roots of your habitual patterns with money
  • A list of our favorite books in various areas of personal finance
  • A video and a field guide created by Smart Money Magazine and NAPFA respectively to help you choose the best financial advisor for your situation

If you're looking for something in particular and aren't seeing it here, please contact us and we'll see if we can help.
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