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Issue I - February 2012

The 2012 Abacus Investment Committee

Tom O’Connor

Brent Kessel

Darius Gagne

Dave DeWolf

Molson Coors: “Green beer anyone?”

Molson Coors is a holding of the DFA US Sustainability Core fund, which is owned by a majority of Abacus clients.
Molson Coors made significant improvements to its environmental footprint, taking on its most material impacts and developing innovative solutions. Consequently, its score has increased notably. Molson Coors has improved to become the top-scoring brewer, 3rd among all beverage makers, and in the top quintile for all consumer staples in our environmental rankings.


Climate Change:  Molson Coors increased its Climate Change Solutions Users score by setting clear goals for carbon reduction, cutting energy use, and increasing its use of clean, carbon-free energy.  Molson Coors is using pioneering solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions including capturing carbon dioxide released in fermentation to be used in bottling and re-using spent grains from brewing as a low-carbon heat source for its industrial processes.


Environmental Vulnerabilities: Molson Coors improved its Toxic Emissions and Regulatory Problems scores, by extending its strong record and cutting problematic emissions through efficiency measures.


Environmental Strengths:  Molson Coors made strong strides in Environmental Strengths for this scoring iteration.  Brewing uses a large volume of water, and Molson Coors is tackling this head on. Molson Coors is lead sponsor of the Carbon Disclosure Project’s Water Disclosure Project, as well as being a signatory of the United Nations’ Water Mandate.  Molson has set a goal to reduce its water use per unit of product and announced the achievement of significant reductions recently.  Molson is also converting brewery by-products into fuel-grade ethanol to create a low carbon fuel. These actions boosted both Molson’s Environmental Initiatives and Beneficial Products and Services score.

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