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Investment Lessons from a Gay Bar

When word got out that Russian President, Vladimir Putin had signed a bunch of anti-LGBT laws, the LGBT community responded by saying: "Boycott Russian vodkas." Easy enough. I followed the lead of pro-human rights bar owners and consumers and ditched the famous Russian beverage. I switched to Tito's Vodka from Texas, because we all know how well Texas treats the LGBT community. Heck, even my dad said he'd stop buying his favorite rare treat, Stoli Elit. (Good call Dad—it's too expensive!)
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Same-Sex Marriage: More to Spend, More to Give

Now that DOMA is crumbling, married same-sex couples have some new opportunities to simplify their lives, reduce their taxes and boost their incomes. There is still some unfinished business around whether or not same-sex couples will receive the full umbrella of federal recognition if they reside in a state that doesn't recognize their marriage, but all arrows point towards yes. For couples who want to get married for symbolic reasons only, I recommend taking a closer look at the financial benefits of marriage as well. Here are my top three pointers for living in a post-DOMA world.
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More Income, No Kids

Many of you have heard about the dual-income-no-kids (DINK) community. There is a growing population, gay and straight, single and married, who are opting to have a child-free life (except the occasional visits to our favorite nieces and nephews). They are wondering how to squeeze out every last dollar from their portfolio without the risk of running out. Yes, it's time to address the needs of what I will call the "more-income-no-kids" community, otherwise known as MINK.
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