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What's your financial archetype?

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When it comes to money, you are more than a number.

You are a person with thoughts, feelings, dreams… and a past. A very specific and important money past. Most people have formed both helpful and harmful habits around spending, saving, giving, and investing. Many of us make financial decisions based not on our current financial situation, but on biases and tendencies that were formed many years ago.

Learning your money archetypes can help you have a healthier, more balanced relationship to money. Keep these three important things in mind:

  • There's no hierarchy. There aren't better and worse archetypes.
  • Archetypes can be fluid. We're usually a combination of one, two, or three of them and we may change over time.
  • They all possess both positive intentions as well as painful emotional states.

Knowing your financial archetypes brings you greater awareness around your inherent money behaviors.

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