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The reason I got into this profession:

It all started with a yellow basket. The basket sat on the picnic table of my private K-8 school. When the lunch bell rang, I raced to the other side of campus, grabbed my little sister’s hand and went straight to The Basket. The purpose of the basket was to allow kids to put their unwanted bologna sandwiches, carrot sticks or pudding in it for others to take from it as they pleased. The basket meant so much to my sister and me. It wasn’t just a chance to score big on a tasty chocolate puddingit was an opportunity for us to have a meal for the day.

During this time my parents did everything they could to provide our education. My dad had been laid off, and Mom was working multiple jobs to help keep us afloat. This meant there was little left over for extras, including school lunches.

This period in my life, which was defined by a single, yellow basket, helped to shape me into the person I am today. I knew that I never wanted to experience that kind of hardship again, and made it a career priority to help other families avoid that darn yellow basket (and still have their pudding!).

One thing I’m doing to help the planet

Carrying a set of travel utensils with me at all times. The idea of a bunch of plastic utensils ending up in a landfill just because I’m eating on the go makes me cringe. So I am committing to reduce my consumption of throw-away utensils by carrying my own travel set.

Outside of work my passions include

Living room dance parties with my toddler, french fries, sneaking in a ballet class when I can and occasional weekend trips to the mountains.

One goal I’m saving for

Purchasing a house in the next few years.

The primary way I’m advancing my career

It is important to me to always be advancing my knowledge to better serve my clients. I do this by attending conferences, taking courses throughout the year, and reading every book and periodical I can get my hands on.


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