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The reason I got into this profession

During the summer of 2010, my phone rang at work. I needed to come home right away. My Dad had been in a plane crash that afternoon.

My dad was a private pilot by hobby and it wasn’t uncommon to be out on a weekday for a flight. He had worked incredibly hard his whole life to own his business and provide a better life for his family but also buy “toys” as he referred to them, like his beloved Cessna 172M.

The details were fuzzy of what lead to losing my dad that day, but one thing was clear right away. Things for my mom were going to change drastically. My dad had always been the keeper of records, mostly in his head. Life insurance policies that paid our family business, missing beneficiaries, accounts at numerous locations with no logins or account numbers, outdated wills, and a general lack of anything being organized led to a crash course in planning I didn’t know I needed, or wanted.

Over the next few months, we pieced together our family’s finances, built a structure for my mom and untangled the maze. I knew from that point forward though, it felt great helping. I’ve been enjoying doing the same for family, friends, and clients since.

One thing I’m doing to help the planet

I’m lucky to work close enough that we’ve downsized to one car at home and try to take public transit whenever possible.

Outside of work, my passions include

Traveling to visit friends, spending time in our Venice neighborhood, trying new restaurants, and keeping up with technology.  If you asked my colleagues, they’d probably tell you that attending weddings was also one of my hobbies.

One goal I’m saving for

Traveling to Europe and attending the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco.

The primary way I’m advancing my career knowledge

Spending time expanding my understanding by reading and speaking with other advisors about their experiences.  I’m interested in the way that behavior influences clients reactions to money.


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