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Neela Hummel

Financial Advisor, Partner, Board Member –  Learn more about Neela.

“I secretly took this picture at an Abacus board meeting in December 2016, two months into my maternity leave (which they nearly banned me from). You can see my infant son in our CEO’s arms.

My goal as a member of our company’s five person board of directors is to push the envelope on behalf of our female employees, partners, and clients. I want Abacus to be a model of pay equality, supportive of families, and walking the talk in terms of work-life balance. Wouldn’t it be something if a baby on the board was the norm vs. the exception?”

Peace of mind
Susan Olson

Financial Advisor –  Learn more about Susan.

“As a part of my role at Abacus, I oversee many of our Lead Advisors. From this, I’ve learned how much I enjoy mentoring advisors who are new to their career. I welcome the opportunity to share my experiences and coach colleagues on fostering empathy and strengthening their ability to connect with others. As advisors, technical knowledge is just one part of how we serve clients.

Additionally, about half my clients are divorced or widowed women. It has been inspiring to guide these women as they navigate the world of personal finance and grow confident in their ability to make decisions that increase their independence. Taking control of your situation to ensure your own financial well-being is a very empowering thing to experience – and to witness.”

Daria Victorov

Financial Advisor – Learn more about Daria.

“In my local Financial Planning Association chapter, less than five percent of members were ‘NexGen’, meaning below the age of 36. After seeing these statistics, I saw the need for a local community of young planners and associated professionals.

My hope is that building up this community will help bring awareness and motivate younger generations to become CFP®s as they begin their careers. This also provides a space for career-changers to find encouragement and community.”

Barbara Wolf

Financial Advisor, Partner – Learn more about Barbara.

“Part of my community outreach is centered around spreading the word about financial planning as a career.  I travel to schools and universities to speak with students about the many opportunities in this field of work.

I am also on the Financial Planning Review Panel for Impact100 Philadelphia, a women’s collective giving circle that awards grants to non-profits in 5 areas: education, environment, arts and culture, family, and health and wellness.  In addition to meeting women from all over the Philadelphia metro region, it has opened my eyes to the incredible work done by so many smaller non-profits in our region and allowed me to see first hand the impact of the dollars I give.”

Summer school
Wende Headley

Financial Advisor – Learn more about Wende.

“Helping out in the community comes in many shapes and sizes – but the sense of reward is always fulfilling. Most recently, I’ve enjoyed helping run the small store at my kids’ school. It’s been a great way to get involved and meet other students and parent volunteers (95% moms!).

I’ve had a blast helping the younger kids get their first taste of financial independence and learn a few valuable money lessons along the way… Like impulse control (a nickel doesn’t buy an item that says $1, so they will have to think ahead), cash math (calculating how many “metal pieces” or “paper pieces” it takes to buy an item), and how to say no (when friends keep asking them for money). Each year we raise a little money for the school, and hopefully by the time the kids leave 8th grade, they’re a bit smarter about the money in their pockets.”

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