Wanted: Associate Financial Advisor for our Santa Monica Office »

We are looking for an Associate Financial Advisor for our Santa Monica Office. You’ll work sometimes in Santa Monica and sometimes in the San Fernando Valley office. You have a CFP® certification (or have passed the exam) and will be joining a team focused on launching our new service offering financial planning for clients without significant assets.

How to Succeed

You will…

  • Join client meetings where you will take notes and make sure all follow-up items are completed on time. Your project management skills are super-duper.
  • Deeply learn our financial planning software. You’ll do all the data entry for financial plans for our clients. We’re in the process of choosing new software, so you’ll also be very adept at learning new systems quickly.
  • Manage a large number of open requests at once and have the flexibility to manage shifting priorities. Seriously, you might have 50 open items on your list and be working on 5 financial plans at once. You’ll never miss a due date.
  • Support your advisory team in the planning process and make them trust you implicitly.
  • When sitting in on client meetings, you may need to quickly come up with new scenarios on the fly. Rapid action is key to this position. Responding like a deer caught in headlights is not a good move.
  • Help on special projects, like Excel analysis and research.
  • Transition to Lead Advisor within six months to two years, depending on how quickly you can learn and advance. The career path is there and waiting for you. Your success is up to you.

How to Excel

Oh, you want to be the best Associate Advisor we have ever had? Here’s how:

  • Intuit the various planning scenarios that your team wants to run for your clients.
  • Your writing puts Hemingway to shame, and Sir Ian McKellan comes to you for advice on oration.
  • When asked for a status report on open requests, you either can rattle off the current state of each request from memory, or you smile and say, “It’s all finished!” Of course, nobody would ever ask you for a status update because you’ve proactively made sure that, before they had a chance to wonder how things were going, you’ve already called them.
  • Your team and your clients cry when you go on vacation because they’ll miss you.
  • You’ve redesigned the data gathering process such that clients spend 18.6% less time and the process is done 2,076 minutes sooner.
  • You frequently win bar bets on financial planning trivia and theory.


You should be a CFP® certificant or at least have passed the exam. Experience with NaviPlan (or another financial planning software) would help you hit the ground running. Knowing at least two strategies for reducing tax on ISOs and the best way to structure a GRAT strategy is super cool.

To apply, please upload your resume and cover letter to our HR company.


Wanted: Trader for our Santa Monica office »

We’re looking for a Trader for our Santa Monica office.  What does a Trader at Abacus do?Your primary job is to operate our rebalancing software, iRebal, and never make a mistake.  Twice a week you’ll be expected to work market hours (starting at 6am on the West Coast).  In order to do this job, you need to be technically proficient and very comfortable with numbers.  You also need good spreadsheet skills and an exceptional eye for detail (remember, no mistakes).When you’re not trading, we’ll ask you to do other stuff:

  • You’ll help our advisors analyze investment portfolios as part of the sales process.  We create presentations for the prospect illustrating the differences between their portfolio and the portfolio we suggest for them.
  • You’ll assist the Chief Investment Officer and Investment Committee in analyzing new investment possibilities.
  • You’ll assist in due diligence and valuation of private equity funds.
  • You’ll help prepare and update financial plans.
  • You’ll learn a lot, quickly.

That’s the job, but who are you?

  • Other people probably call you a genius, but you’re too modest to call yourself one.
  • Analytics and left-brain number-crunching are your strong suit. You love math and computers.
  • You can usually find a faster path to the answer than the one in the instruction manual, but you follow the instructions the first time, just in case.
  • You make stuff happen.  In fact, you’re probably already thinking of a creative way to set yourself apart and get this job.
  • People always ask you to help because when you say you’re going to do something, you do it.  Every time.  Without fail.
  • You care.

To apply, please upload your resume and cover letter to our HR company.