Do you want to work for a progressive financial services company committed to making the world a better place? Did you know that we’ve been honored by B Labs on their “Best for the World – Worker Impact” list for two years in a row?

Please check out the jobs below, and take a look at our Employee Handbook to see the details of our generous employee benefits.

Wanted: Bookkeeper/Client Service Associate for our Santa Monica Office »

Our financial planning and investment management firm is in need of an accounting assistant who can also be a Client Service Associate (CSA). You are the numerologist, the cruncher of digits. You make our clients feel cared for and solve their problems. To do this job well, you need to be comfortable solving problems without clear guidance (i.e., catching curveballs) and treating your clients like you treat your loved ones.

As part of the job, you will:

  • Pay the bills
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Process new client account paperwork quickly and with as little disruption to the client and advisors as possible
  • Communicate with clients and prospects clearly using proper written and spoken language
  • Track all open requests closely, never missing a due date
  • Build close relationships with clients by making them feel cared for
  • Communicate as often as necessary with clients who have an outstanding request
  • Keep client files organized and updated
  • Own the responsibility of keeping our CRM updated and current—every activity and event is logged into the CRM
  • Be the intermediary between clients, advisors and our custodian, making sure the custodian does their job for the client
  • Be willing to help on special projects, like Excel analysis and research
  • Support the rest of the Abacus CSAs by filling in for them when they’re sick or on vacation, when they are unseasonably busy or when they’re sad

That’s the job, but who are you?

  • You’re an excellent communicator on the phone, in person and in writing
  • You are willing to study for and pass the Series 65 exam within 90 days of hire
  • You sincerely love dealing with people. This is not a job for a wallflower
  • You are obsessive about organization and task management. You probably alphabetize your spice rack
  • You make stuff happen. In fact, you’re probably already thinking of a creative way to set yourself apart and get this job
  • People always ask you to help because when you say you’re going to do something, you do it. Every time. Without fail
  • Experience with Quickbooks is necessary. Experience with Salesforce is desired

You should have some level of business education, but a college degree is not required. We would love to see you have, or be willing to get, your Paraplanner certification and pass the Series 65 exam. We find previous financial industry or especially investment advisory firm experience highly desirable.

To apply, please upload your resume and cover letter to our HR company. Please be creative. Boring resumes are boring.


Wanted: Salesforce Administrator/Developer for our Santa Monica Office »

We’re looking for someone to be the administrator for all of our cloud based business systems, specifically, Orion Reporting, Shoretel Sky phone system,, Google Apps and a couple more that you probably haven’t heard of. We need someone who can learn a new system effortlessly, is an crack Salesforce administrator/developer, and can figure out ways to do stuff using the system that aren’t obvious. Experience with the specific systems other than Salesforce isn’t necessary, but the ability to be creative and come up with efficient and unusual solutions to problems is critical.

As part of the job, you will:

  • Be the undisputed Jedi master of Salesforce.
  • Work with the client service staff to automate their workflow using Salesforce.
  • Develop and Implement new apps in Salesforce.
  • Project manage and develop a new financial planning software package. We’ll be able to outsource the main development, but the ability to code an initial beta version is key.
  • Identify things that aren’t working efficiently and fix them. It’s your job to make everything work better using technology.
  • Build integrations between our systems using various API methodologies.
  • Drive technology adoption and training for all our staff. While we’re not looking for a full-time help-desk person, you’ll likely get involved in helping people install computer updates and setting up printers.
  • Be passionate about our mission to help people improve their relationship to money.

That’s the job, but who are you?

  • You are a problem solver. Your first thought on any task is, “how can I make this easier?”
  • You prefer a “behind the scenes” kind of job, yet are still an effective communicator. This is not a client-facing position, but clear, internal communication is important.
  • Knowledge and curiosity about how things work is a must. You are likely the kind of person who would take something apart just to see how it works inside. You probably added a second hard drive to your TIVO, jailbroke your iPhone just to see if you could, and can remote control your TV from your laptop when you’re on vacation. You always know the release data of the latest gadgets. You are a tech-fu master.
  • All your friends ask you to come over and fix their computer because you always seem to be able to fix stuff just by looking at it. You actually help your friends because you enjoy helping people (and they frequently give you cookies).
  • When you say you’re going to do something, you do it. Every time. Without fail. And on schedule.
  • You are comfortable throwing on headphones and working alone, but are also capable of working collaboratively with your team.
  • You are willing to study for and pass the Series 65 exam. This requires a decent amount of financial and economic acumen, so if numbers scare you, you are looking at the wrong opportunity.

To apply, please upload your resume and cover letter to our HR company. Please be creative. Boring resumes are boring.