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Your life changes, and your financial plan has to be flexible enough to change with it. You may start a new job, create a business, have kids, have grandkids, buy a house, get married, sell your business, move to Oregon to garden, get audited by the IRS, inherit a little money (or a lot), get divorced, sell your rental property or maybe even have a year or two when very little changes. Almost all life events bring new financial risks and opportunities, so you need a financial plan that evolves to keep up and an advisor on call to quickly address your changing situation.

Our financial planning process goes beyond a one-time checkup. Your Abacus advisor will address all six key areas of financial planning using a roadmap that prioritizes your most important questions first. Click on each area to learn more.


Impact goals money safety taxes death


Your spending, giving, and investment decisions can have significant impact on your community and the world. This impact may be misaligned with your values. If you are intentional with your giving and investing you can create alignment with your values and measure the positive environmental and social impact you want to have.


Your goals are unique to you and will be the central focus of your Abacus financial plan. Goals can include a state of being (e.g. “the security that I’ll never run out of money”) or a material object (e.g. an electric car).

Our financial advisors will get to know you deeply and record what matters most to you and your family. When your goals inevitably change, your advisor will be your first call so you can update your plan and know whether your new dream can become a reality.


Money is the fuel that allows you to achieve your goals, whether we’re talking about income, property, spending, borrowing, giving, or investing. We believe that we can make any financial plan work. For some, this requires focusing on improving the investment portfolio, while for others, it means trimming spending by a small amount. Either way, we make your money simple by helping set up an automatic savings program, spending plans, time-tested investment strategies, and tax-smart charitable giving.

Common questions about money include:
How much do I need to save?  What’s the best investment portfolio for my situation? When should I exercise my stock options? Should I rent or buy my home? Can I rely on Social Security? Should I pay down my debt or invest?


We’ve all heard stories about the family that earned well, didn’t spend too much, and yet still suffered an unexpected financial calamity. Safety is where we make sure that you are protected from life’s most common risks.

Because we don’t sell products or earn commissions, our recommendations for life, disability and other types of insurance will be sized according to your needs, not your broker’s lifestyle.


Many people are paying more taxes than they need to pay. You may be able to pay less in tax by setting up a different kind of retirement plan, refinancing your mortgage, setting-up a charitable fund, adjusting your investment portfolio, or carefully selling/giving a highly appreciated asset.

We work with your CPA (or find you one if needed) to minimize your taxes and ensure that your tax preparation is as organized, effective and simple as possible.


You probably don’t like to think about death, but your death will create major financial changes in the lives of those left behind. If well-planned, those changes can be positive, but if not, they can be disastrous.

We work with your estate planning attorney to create a plan that minimizes taxes and inconvenience for family and is built around your values and goals.

If you wish, we can help you define your legacy and then record it and your final wishes for your heirs. This may include a family foundation, your funeral wishes, or a video to pass on to future generations.

Once we understand your goals and values (always the first step), we develop your personalized roadmap. We always strive to take manageable steps to improve your financial life. If we go too fast, you may burn out and stop improving. If we go too slowly, you may miss important opportunities to save money, protect yourself from life’s biggest risks or achieve your goals. We’ll help you make sure that the most critical tasks are prioritized quickly and the less important tasks are scheduled in the future rather than forgotten altogether.

We then meet two to four times a year by phone, by video or in person (frequency and location are up to you) to ensure that all the critical actions are being taken, whether by you or by us. Your financial advisor will be a great listener, a wealth of actionable advice, your database of financial knowledge and sometimes your biggest cheerleader.

We have no investment asset minimums to become a client. Our financial planning services are available starting at $200 per month. More complex situations involve a higher monthly cost. Fill out the short form below to have an advisor contact you to see how we might help.

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