Money Meditations

Start expanding what’s possible with your money with our new meditation series.

Expanding What's Possible with Money Meditations

Meditation is a simple yet transformative way to reduce stress and anxiety, especially when it comes to your finances. To be calm and peaceful around money gives you the strength and resilience to live fully. The quiet act of mindful breathing and reflection on your finances can help you explore what’s most valuable in your life. 

Join Abacus Co-Founder Spencer Sherman as he leads our new series of powerful guided meditations.

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Childhood Money Memory

So much of what drives our thoughts and behaviors around money comes from our childhood experiences. But we have an innate ability to choose our money responses in a new way, and it starts by reflecting who we are today instead of yesterday. This meditation is designed to help free up your “stuck” patterns around money. (Run time: 13:05)

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The Money Breath

When it comes to money, people often react with anxiety or emotion more than wisdom. But if you simply pause to breathe and reflect, the difference between confusion and clarity can just be a moment away. Through this unique guided meditation, learn how to slow down and create spaciousness around your money life. (Run time: 15:15)

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Finding Enough

Instead of living in anxiety about your future finances, having a sense of enough can connect you to the fullness of life right now. Ironically, the more you embrace the acceptance of enough, the more you will attract abundance. Through this powerful guided meditation, find fulfillment in an unexpected place — yourself. (Run time: 16:49)

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How do you define abundance in your money life? It may seem counterintuitive, but giving more away evokes stronger feelings of abundance. This guided meditation helps us explore new avenues of fulfillment through the lens of a greater sense of giving. (Run time: 13:19)

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How do you define generosity? How would you like to define it? Generosity can bring feelings of peacefulness and happiness around our money lives in ways few actions can. This generous meditation guides us into the realm of empowering ourselves while helping others. (Run time: 6:12)

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Equanimity is defined as mental calmness, especially in difficult situations. This concept can be of great service to our money lives as well. Use this gentle guided meditation to explore a fuller, more balanced version of self, and find a new sense of composure around money. (Run time: 8:45)

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Envisioning ourselves in a more spacious way, giving ourselves permission to unload some of our old childhood narratives, helps us to find new spaces we can inhabit around money. This guided meditation encourages us to push open new doors and seek more fulfilling money frontiers to explore. (Run time: 11:30)

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There will inevitably be ups and downs with our finances. Through a mindful practice, however, we can learn to cultivate a better relationship with money using our mind and heart. This brief yet engaging meditation can help foster a meaningful sense of resilience. (Run time: 10:00)

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More Than Enough

Living in a place of scarcity, of never feeling like we have enough, is deeply ingrained in our culture. But what if we were able to ‘try on’ something different? Something that allows us to feel a sense of ease and peace? This meditation gently invites us to envision a way of living that embraces the concept of ‘enough’, and to experience the ultimate feelings of sufficiency. (Run time: 10:13)

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Envy and Joy

Have you ever wanted to live a life without envy? Envy can be a heavy backpack we carry around, preventing us from experiencing true joy, especially around money. This essential guided meditation asks us to let go of our old destructive postures and find new ways to experience happiness. (Run time: 9:07)

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Dissolving Fear

Fear has long served our species well, but when it comes to our money lives it can hold us back. Learning to embrace fear and channel it into something positive can be transformative. This quietly bold meditation offers a way to relax in the face of unfounded money fears and find a more secure future. (Run time: 10:44)

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Money Compassion

Building on the Money Initiation meditation, we are invited to view our formative money experiences with more compassion towards ourselves than we usually give. This tender meditation gives us permission to be witnesses to a more caring version of our money selves. (Run time: 07:30)

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Money Initiation

No matter how much we understand about money, there is often a formative event early in our lives that interferes with our wisdom. This brief but powerful guided meditation seeks to uncover what early memories hold us back from attaining present day empowerment. (Run time: 07:30)

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Gaining Money Awareness

Have you searched to find the truth in what’s happening in your money life? Gaining awareness around your money takes a non-judgmental approach that balances body and mind. This thoughtful meditation guides you through a series of reflective questions to help you become more aware of your authentic financial self. (Run time: 07:31)

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Leaving Scarcity Behind

We are rarely taught to forgive ourselves for past money mistakes, but this often leads to fearing scarcity in our future. By allowing ourselves the freedom and generosity of self-forgiveness, we empower ourselves to abandon scarcity-based thinking. This mindful guided meditation can help you refocus on future solutions instead of dwelling on the pain of the past. (Run time: 11:54)

How We Spend, Save, Earn & Give

Would you like to experience discovery and clarity around your finances? Would you like to be freed from the taboo of talking about money? Through this guided meditation, identify and connect with your true feelings about money, and reflect on how these feelings impact and shape your daily living. (Run time: 13:24) 

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Money Vision

You are what you think. And if your thoughts are preoccupied with fear and inadequacy around money, then you will imagine yourself in the worst possible way. But small corrections can lead to big changes and produce a very different life. In this brief meditation, imagine yourself and your money life in the best possible ways. (Run time: 10:48) 

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Universality of Money

Money is challenging for us to talk about, and we often assume we are the only ones experiencing financial distress. This isolation closes us off to the power of community and shared human experience. This mediation is designed to acknowledge the universal feelings of scarcity and abundance, and gain freedom from your daily financial stresses. (Run time: 8:03)

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