What to Expect

Find ease in your financial life and free up your time and energy for what matters most.

How We Help

At Abacus, we expand what’s possible with money. Our experienced advisors help you align your financial resources with your values — connecting your money with what matters most so you can experience a sense of enough here and now, not just in the future.

Professional Expertise

  • Goal Planning & Projection
  • Investment Management & Advice
  • Specialty Planning Topics
  • Tax Saving Strategies
  • Estate Planning
  • Risk Management


  • Help Prevent Costly Mistakes
  • Financial Education & Empowerment
  • Sounding Board
  • Second Opinion & Neutral Party


  • Accountability Partner
  • Collaborating with Other Professionals
  • Time Savings

Values Alignment

  • Investments
  • Charitable Giving
  • Financial Literacy for Children
  • Multi-Generational Planning

Why Work with Abacus?

We work alongside you to develop a holistic financial plan and investment strategy tailored to your goals and in harmony with your values. Explore the leaflet below for a deeper look into who we are as a company and how partnering with an advisor can bring intention and purpose to your money.

A Financial Road Map

We recognize the amount of time and emotional energy spent considering investments, spending, taxes, privately-held business and real estate concerns, and whether you truly have enough to achieve your most important goals. Our innovative financial planning process and evidence-based investment strategy have helped thousands of clients nationwide stop worrying about money so they can fully experience life.

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We offer financial analysis of your unique situation combined with emotionally intelligent insights.

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We build a comprehensive financial roadmap outlining where you are and where you want to be.

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We provide actionable advice that gives you meaning and purpose around your money.

We’re in the business of making financial lives better.

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Because we are legally bound by a fiduciary duty, we must place our clients’ interests first. Every time. All the time. As a fee-only, S.E.C. registered investment advisor, we’re compensated solely by our clients.

A healthy, peaceful relationship with money requires balance. If any one behavior becomes too dominant — spending, saving, giving, or investing — the whole system is at risk. Our comprehensive financial planning process helps you determine which behaviors you’re already doing enough or too much of, and in which ones you need more support to reach your goals.

Our investment strategies are based on Nobel Prize-winning research and provide global exposure to large and small stocks, various types of fixed income, investment real estate, and private equity. We have over twenty years of experience delivering social and environmental impact along with competitive investment returns.

We’ve found the most successful strategies are ones that people can understand and follow for decades, not just a few quarters or years. This requires tuning out much of the news and emotion surrounding finance and following a disciplined, evidence-based investment program. This may be simple, but it’s not always easy. That’s where having a trusted Abacus advisor at your side can help.

Are you ready to expand what’s possible with your money?

Simplify your life with a plan

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