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Join us for online and in-person events and start expanding what’s possible with your money.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Abacus hosts a number of events each year, ranging in topics to help you better understand the financial options available to you. Our advisors offer knowledge and guidance that you can apply directly to your unique situation, bringing you closer to financial freedom.

Abacus Conversation Circles offer a safe place to talk about money and how it affects our lives.

These 90-minute “Circles” bring people together (virtually or in-person) to share personal stories around common themes. Participants listen, share, and reflect on past experiences, current situations, and future intentions.

Our Circles include topics like:

  • My Money Story: Uncovering Inherited Money Messages
  • How Much is Enough? Purpose Beyond Accumulation
  • Ready for Retirement: Envisioning Your Future

Offered online and in-person, our educational seminars deliver financial planning tips to build a healthy and successful money life.

Our talks include topics like:

  • Financial Foundations (spending, saving, investing)
  • Retirement planning
  • Values-Aligned Investing

To have an Abacus advisor speak with your group, please submit an online request here.

Our fun and engaging community events welcome clients, their families and friends, and the general public to our local office locations. Join us for a wide range of activities complete with delicious, locally-sourced food and beverage pairings.

Examples of events we’ve done in the past include:

  • Movie Nights
  • Women Empowerment Speakers
  • Pro Bono Financial Planning
  • Self-Defense Training
  • Dance Classes
  • Happy Hours

Meet Our Speakers

Upcoming Events

We continually add events throughout the year so check back here to learn more about the educational opportunities presented by our team. 

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Watch Past Webinars!

The Real Price of College: How to Stretch Your Money with Ron Lieber

Join us as we welcome Ron Lieber, New York Times’ “Your Money” columnist and author of The Price You Pay for College for this special event. This talk addresses the top questions parents have about paying for college.

This wide-ranging conversation will cover financial aid, 529 accounts, student loans, private vs public tuition, and what an elite college diploma really delivers in terms of success. 

Run time: 45 minutes

Ready for 70: A Financial Physical for the Aging Baby Boomer

Join Abacus Advisor Barrett Porter CFP® and Estate Attorney Rebecca Goldfarb to learn valuable tips on how to be financially healthy in your 70s and beyond. 

We’ll discuss protecting yourself from fraud, fine-tuning your nest egg, ensuring you won’t outlive your assets, long-term care needs, going out on your own terms, and the best ways to bequeath your wealth.

45 minutes

Top 5 Questions Women Investors Are Asking Now

This webcast is for women investors looking for guidance on how to navigate the tough terrain with a calm and grounded approach. Join us as we answer the top 5 questions we’re hearing today:

  1. What do I need to know about how my portfolio is set up right now?
  2. Is this time different?
  3. How long will this turbulence continue?
  4. Where can I put my money so it’s safe?
  5. How do I position my portfolio to weather the storm and still ensure I have enough?

45 minutes

LGBTQ and Flying Solo: Single in Your 60s and Financially Fantastic

We cried and celebrated when marriage became legal for all Americans, still many in the LGBTQ community have opted to stay legally single. Since so much financial advice is geared toward married couples, it’s time to talk about what it means to be single (or simply not married) and financially independent.

Join us as we explore unique opportunities, ideas, and challenges for those who are nearing the ‘work-optional’ stage of their lives. 

1 hour

Instant Message: 6 Lessons on Investing from Today's Media Diet

These days we’re just as likely to get our news from social media as we are from the morning paper. From FAQs to FOMO, the impact of this on our money may be stronger — and more unexpected — than it’s ever been. 

Join Christian Newton, Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors, as he explores how the media has evolved to influence our view of markets, investing, and our wealth. 

1 hour

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