Our Purpose

Abacus began with a vision to be a catalyst for people to not simply get richer, but to live a more fulfilling life.

“We aim to be a model for the type of world we’d like to live in: prosperous, diverse, sustainable, inclusive, and kind.”

– Spencer Sherman, MBA, CFP®, Abacus Co-Founder

– Spencer Sherman
Abacus Co-Founder

Our Vision

As a purpose-driven, values-centric financial advisory firm, we are focused on creating authentic and measurable impact in these key areas:

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We deliver values-aligned financial advice to improve people’s lives.

We are thoughtful about the impact our investments have on society and the environment.

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We effect change in the financial services industry to create and serve a more diverse and equitable profession and client base.

Our Purpose

To expand what’s possible with money.

Our Core Values

Serve Others

We put the needs of our clients, the team, and our community above our individual desires.

Listen Deeply & Speak with Care

We come to each conversation with an open mind rather than having the “right answer.” We tell the whole truth to ourselves, our clients, and each other.

Bring Genius

We spend our time doing what we are best at and love most.


We believe that our time with Abacus should be the best years of (y)our life.

It’s time to align your finances with your values.

Simplify your life with a plan

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