Serenity Financial Consulting Has Merged with Abacus Wealth Partners

Serenity Financial Consulting is now a part of Abacus Wealth Partners, a leading national provider of comprehensive financial planning, investment management and wealth management services. As a result of this merger, Serenity Financial Consulting clients will have access to a broader array of services. Alan Moore will continue to work with Abacus as our Champion of NextGen.

To learn more, please read our press release announcing the merger or contact us.

If you're interested in becoming a client, please fill out the form on the right and a member of our team will contact you.

The Abacus Story

Over two decades ago, our co-founder Spencer Sherman ran into a burning building to save his client files. While we've now made it a policy to avoid physical danger, our devotion to our clients is unchanged. Read more »

Meet Our Team

Neela Bushnell Hummel
Neela Bushnell Hummel
Neela Bushnell HummelFinancial Advisor
    The reason I got into this profession: My dad created and sold several large companies in the 1970s, netting multimillions of dollars. Read more »

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