Brent Kessel Featured on Podcast “Between Now and Success”

Between Now and Success: Using Your Relationship to Money as a Path to Personal and Professional Growth

Founder of Abacus Wealth Partners, Brent Kessel was recently featured on the podcast “Between Now and Success” hosted by Steve Sanduski. Find out how Brent’s path through life and personal passions have had an influence on how he runs his firm.

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Today’s guest is Brent Kessel. Brent is founder of Abacus Wealth Partners, which has more than 50 employees and more than $2 billion in assets under management.

About ten years ago I was reading a Buddhist magazine and did a double-take when I saw an ad for a financial advisory firm on its back cover. Abacus Wealth has been on my radar ever since.

“I have been a student of different kinds of Eastern traditions, mostly yoga and mindfulness meditation, for over 25 years,” Brent says. “As your listeners probably know, the abacus is a Chinese mathematical computational instrument. What I liked about that name is that it felt like it brought in Eastern tradition and history along with computational dexterity, just the ability to really think, figure things out precisely.”

Brent’s unique path through life and personal passions have had a big influence on how he runs his firm. We discussed how that confluence has helped to make Abacus stand out from the crowd while also offering its clients a mind-opening perspective on what the wealth they’re building is really for.


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