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As a firm that believes that philanthropy, self-sufficiency and generosity are cornerstones of a healthy and fulfilling relationship to money, the principals of Abacus Wealth Partners have elected to donate 5% of the firm’s profits annually to charity.

Part of this money will be allocated to the annual Abacus Wealth Partners Charitable Grant.

Our intent is that our charitable giving will accomplish the following:

  • Human Rights: Create safety and opportunity for all to achieve a healthy and successful life.
  • The Earth: Minimize climate change and create a healthier planet.
  • Education: Empower disenfranchised individuals to advance their lives through financial literacy.

Annual Abacus Wealth Partners Charitable Grant Recipients

2018 Charitable Grant Recipient

To be announced.

2017 Charitable Grant Recipient (amount: $24,000)

Global Grassroots
1950 Lafayette Road, Suite 200, Box 1
Portsmouth, NH 03801

With the grant money awarded, Global Grassroots is expanding their water ventures in East Africa, where they will identify, train, fund, and help initiate a sustainable women-led water enterprise. Each of these projects are led by a self-organized team of, on average, 25 or more women and provide approximately 3,000 people with safe, clean water access. In Rwanda, individual teams construct and extend municipal water pipelines to serve their community directly, while in Uganda teams work to replace and/or repair a series of defunct boreholes. Both endeavors can save women – on average – 1,200 hours per year collecting water at contaminated and remote access points. Water ventures are designed as social benefit organizations and have multiple ripple effects: reducing water-borne illness, especially in children; freeing up women’s time for new economic pursuits; providing water to irrigate kitchen gardens for better nutrition; ensuring girls attend school on time instead of collecting water; and reducing, if not, eradicating water-related sexual violence and exploitation. Additionally, the profits from water sales underwrite social transformation programs focused on issues such as hygiene and sanitation, HIV/AIDS, women’s rights, and domestic violence.

2016 Charitable Grant Recipient (amount: $15,000)

99 Chauncy Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

Ceres was founded in 1989 when Joan Bavaria, then-president of Trillium Asset Management, formed an alliance with leading environmentalists with the goal of changing corporate environmental practices. She named the organization the “Coalition for Environmentally Responsible EconomieS“, or CERES. Ceres is a non-profit sustainability advocacy organization based in Boston, Massachusetts, whose mission is to “mobilize investor and business leadership to build a thriving, sustainable global economy”. CERES brings together disparate stakeholders – investors, companies and public interest groups – to accelerate and expand the adoption of sustainable business practices and solutions to build a healthy global economy.

2015 Charitable Grant Recipient (amount: $10,000)

JGI Logo
The Jane Goodall Institute
1595 Spring Hill Rd.
Suite 550
Vienna, VA 22182

Established in 1977 by renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall, the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) is a community-centered conservation organization that seeks to improve global understanding and treatment of great apes, contribute to the preservation of great apes and their habitats, and develop the next generation of environmental stewards. Operating at the nexus of the human and chimpanzee interface, JGI strives to support local development needs to improve community livelihoods and achieve conservation targets, thereby reducing the threats to chimpanzees and other great apes. In Uganda, JGI empowers young girls through a peer-led model designed to reduce school dropout rates by addressing key social, cultural and economic barriers that limit their ability to access education and improve their quality of life. Increasing access to education for women and girls improves their socioeconomic prospects and enables them to access alternative livelihoods and health care services, which uplifts local communities. This in turn reduces pressure on natural resources and the risk of disease transmission between humans and chimpanzees, thus advancing Dr. Goodall’s vision of Earth as a place where people, animals and the environment exist in sustainable harmony.

2014 Charitable Grant Recipient (amount: $10,000)

Learn Grow Lead
2727 Drexel Drive
Houston, TX 77027-5149

Learn Grow Lead (LGL) was founded by a group of women with a passion for children and education. LGL’s projects focus on funding education for children in third-world countries who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend school. Many of the kids they serve are orphans, and some have been rescued from being trafficked and forced to work in horrendous working conditions. After years of continually funding education costs through LGL’s field partner, The Children Helpers Foundation (CHF) in Ghana, Africa, The Helpers Farm was established as an opportunity for CHF to realize self-sustainability. The Helpers Farm currently has an option on 10 acres of fertile land and the skills and labor force to be successful. The farm team is committed to organic and sustainable farming practices. With the help of donors, LGL’s partners in Ghana began installing irrigation and preparing the fields in early 2015.

2013 Charitable Grant Recipient (amount: $5,000)

Trees for the Future
18820 Pacific Coast Highway
1400 Spring Street
Suite 150
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Trees for the Future was founded in 1989, and since then we’ve planted over 100 million trees around the world and helped tens of thousands of people plant their way out of poverty. We don’t just plant trees for their ecological and environmental benefits, but also to benefit people in need. We are experts in agroforestry, which combines agriculture and forestry to create integrated and sustainable land-use systems. We address the problem of degraded and overworked lands by providing farmers with tree seed, technical training, on-site planning and assistance, and an overall reclamation plan. These sustainable land management practices not only feed people and help the poor gain income, but also improve the environment and quality of life for everyone.

2012 Charitable Grant Recipient (amount: $5,000)

Creative Visions Foundation
18820 Pacific Coast Highway
Suite 201
Malibu, CA 90265

Creative Visions Foundation (CVF) is inspired by the life of Dan Eldon, an artist, adventurer and activist killed in Somalia in 1993 while covering the conflict as a photojournalist for Reuters News Agency. To honor his legacy, in 1998 his mother, Kathy Eldon, and sister Amy Eldon Turtletaub founded the Creative Visions Foundation, a publicly supported 501(c)(3) organization, to help others like Dan use media and the arts to ignite positive social change in the world around them. Over the past fourteen years, CVF has incubated more than 150 projects and productions on five continents by providing fiscal sponsorship, mentorship, inspiration, fundraising, connectivity and step-by-step tool kits for launching projects. To date, our creative activists under our umbrella have touched more than 90 million people and raised more than $11.2 million to fund their projects.

2011 Charitable Grant Recipients (each received $2,500)

Para Los Niños
The Bieker Carrick Building
500 Lucas Avenue

Helping children and their families succeed in school and in life. Since 1980, Para Los Niños has transformed the lives of thousands of impoverished children in Los Angeles. Today, PLN continues to serve over 10,000 children and families a year from Skid Row as well as Westlake, Pico Union, East LA, Watts and Compton. Through our charter schools, early education centers and community-based programs we continue to serve the children and families. Our schools immerse children in rigorous learning and enriching environments, and offer families skills that support academic achievement and financial stability.

Bolder Giving
330 West 38th Street
Suite 505
New York, NY 10018

Give more. Risk more. Inspire more. Bolder Giving seeks nothing less than to shift the collective culture of giving. Our mission is to inspire and support people to give to their full lifetime potential. We challenge the norms and stereotypes that limit charitable giving through a two-pronged approach. The first is through inspiration—we gather and share inspirational stories of bold giving from diverse people across the economic spectrum. The second is through action—we develop tools and advice to help people translate that inspiration into actionable steps to transform their giving.Our aim is to encourage people of all backgrounds to increase their giving as a percent of income, assets or business profits (Give More), shift how they give by exploring opportunities to give collaboratively to communities besides their own, to social change and entrepreneurial efforts (Risk More), and spark discussions about giving with others and share their giving stories to provide a catalyst for new conversations (Inspire More).

2010 Charitable Grant Recipient (amount: $2,500)


Women’s Earth Alliance
The David Brower Center
2150 Allston Way, Suite 460
Berkeley, CA 94704

Women’s Earth Alliance is an Earth Island Institute Organization. Women’s Earth Alliance partners with community-based organizations globally to uplift local solutions to issues of water, food, land and climate change by providing women with training, resources and advocacy support. WEA emerged from a meeting in Mexico City where 30 women leaders from 26 countries gathered to create solutions to a common concern: the lack of support available to women working on the front lines of social and environmental challenges. Today, WEA’s thriving programs on three continents—supporting communities’ access to clean water, healthy food and protected land—reflect our belief that when women thrive, communities thrive.

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