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Cultivating global and personal well-being through the skillful allocation of financial resources.

What is Enough?

Enough Planning at Abacus invites high net wealth individuals and families (typically >$25 million) to engage in a brave conversation about wealth, impact and well-being. Modern culture applauds consumption and accumulation, tendencies which are often based on a sense of emotional insecurity, obligation to others, or simply unquestioned lifelong habits. For Enough Planning advisees, these financial imperatives have lost some of their allure, and there’s a hunger for more meaning, purpose, equity, and effectiveness with their financial wealth. Advisees learn how to apply their surplus resources to make an outsized contribution to tackling the world’s most pressing problems, which paradoxically creates greater personal well-being here and now.

Enough Planning uses personalized qualitative conversations and quantitative analysis to arrive at the best answer of “enough” for each individual or family. Once an advisee’s surplus has been agreed upon, we connect advisees to resources that help deploy the surplus in highly effective and rewarding ways.

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The Enough Project

Key insights from Brent Kessel, co-founder of The Enough Project, on his personal journey of exploring ‘enough’.

Download: Enough Project Insights
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Abacus Conversation Circles offer a safe place to talk about money and how it affects our lives.

These 90-minute “Circles” bring people together (virtually or in-person) to share personal stories around common themes. Participants listen, share, and reflect on past experiences, current situations, and future intentions.

Our Circles include topics like:

  • My Money Story: Uncovering Inherited Money Messages
  • How Much is Enough? Purpose Beyond Accumulation
  • Ready for Retirement: Envisioning Your Future

Offered online and in-person, our educational seminars deliver financial planning tips to build a healthy and successful money life.

Our talks include topics like:

  • Financial Foundations (spending, saving, investing)
  • Retirement planning
  • Values-Aligned Investing

To have an Abacus advisor speak with your group, please submit an online request here.

Our fun and engaging community events welcome clients, their families and friends, and the general public to our local office locations. Join us for a wide range of activities complete with delicious, locally-sourced food and beverage pairings.

Examples of events we’ve done in the past include:

  • Movie Nights
  • Women Empowerment Speakers
  • Pro Bono Financial Planning
  • Self-Defense Training
  • Dance Classes
  • Happy Hours

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Financial Advisor

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