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The Abacus Women’s Initiative is naming October 2019 Financial Empowerment Month (FEM). FEM is all about education and building confidence around money. So, for the month of October, we’ll be bringing you financial literacy content through events and online resources dedicated to helping you feel empowered around your finances. 

While much of the content created for FEM was designed with women in mind, the tools and learning opportunities that we’ll share throughout the month are available and applicable for anyone wanting to boost their knowledge and understanding of personal finance. At Abacus, we recognize the value of having a solid foundation of financial literacy and we’re passionate about making educational content available to anyone who needs it. See a list of our upcoming events below! 

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October 10  |  Oakland, CA  |  5:30 PM PDT

A free workshop for young professionals wanting to make smarter choices with their money.

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October 17  |  Santa Monica, CA  |  6:30 PM PDT

Budgeting? Saving for Retirement? Investing? We’re all trying to figure it out! Get your financial life together with this workshop.

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October 18  |  Sebastopol, CA  |  6:00 PM PDT

Real questions. Straight answers. By women, for women. Ready to get comfortable talking finance?

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