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Why should you pay someone to manage your investments?

Anyone can make their own investments, and perhaps you should. Like eating well or exercising, investing well is quite simple—we offer clear instructions for the do-it-yourself investor for free on this website.

So why would you hire Abacus to manage your investments?  Here are our top five reasons:

  1. You prefer to focus on your life’s passions instead of researching investments and spending time trading and rebalancing your investments.
  2. You have concerns and fears about losing money in the market, and you need someone to help keep you disciplined when everything seems scary or euphoric, and everyone around you is running in one direction.
  3. You want access to institutional investments that are not available to all investors.
  4. You sometimes avoid dealing with your money because you don’t enjoy the process or it scares you.
  5. You want a third party to give you the comfort that you’re not missing something.

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Who is not a good fit for professional investment management?

  • You just want advice in an isolated area (company stock, a life change, etc.), not an ongoing partnership.
  • You want to be in full control of your detailed investment decisions and trade executions.
  • You prefer a broker-type relationship where you can just bounce your own ideas off someone.

Not a good fit for investment management? Schedule a Financial Check-up or speak to us about a Planning Relationship

Is Abacus the best investment advisor for you? Here are the five pillars of the Abacus Investment Philosophy:

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We have no asset minimums for investment management, but we do charge a $2,400 per year minimum fee. If you enter a Financial Planning relationship, we’ll waive that minimum fee.

If you prefer to make financial decisions on your own, our self-study resources can teach you how to make better financial decisions and improve your relationship to money. We offer clear instructions for the do-it-yourself investor for free on our Money and Spirit Workshop website.

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