Byron Gurzo

Trading Analyst
Byron Gurzo

How I’m expanding what’s possible with money

I’m expanding what’s possible with money by challenging myself to learn everything I can about personal finance and pass that knowledge on to those around me. I discovered my fear of money came from a lack of understanding. By focusing on learning how to save money in an intelligent way, I hope to broaden my experiences and travel to the most obscure, untouched places our planet has to offer.

Outside of work, my passions include

I devote most of my free time as a firefighter in my local volunteer firehouse – a passion my grandfather introduced me to during his 60 years of service. My other passions beyond work include anything outdoors and everything with an adrenaline rush. I love to ski, climb, camp, travel, and compete in endurance sports.

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Simplify your life with a plan that connects your money to what matters most.

Simplify your life with a plan

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