Chrysantha Cosby

Director of Client Service
Crysantha Cosby

My Story

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How I’m expanding what’s possible with money

By making it exciting and reasonable at the same time. I constantly re-evaluate and prioritize my goals. I don’t hold myself back too much with enjoyment, but I also don’t make impulsive decisions. With goals, I ask myself, ‘Is this something I really need or something I just want?’ I save monthly for my practical goal (buying a house) and my thrilling goal (one day traveling to the Maldives!). I also love helping my family with their financial goals.

Outside of work, my passions include

Balancing an active and relaxing lifestyle. You can always find me running in the gym or on the beach, but I also like to stay home and binge watch TV. I enjoy baking delicious treats for friends and family, as well as traveling and trying out new restaurants together. If spending some good old family time is involved, you can always count me in!

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Simplify your life with a plan that connects your money to what matters most.

Simplify your life with a plan

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