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Emily Benedetto

My Story

It all started with a robbery.

I had left my keys to the safe in the top drawer. For weeks, I’d meant to move them but never got around to it. In a panic, I called my boss. He was a busy doctor visiting newborns at the hospital, but he picked up. “What’s up, Boo-Boo?” he said. (Yep, I worked for my dad.) Through sobs, I said, “Dad, the office was robbed. The laptops are stolen; all the hard drives are gone.” There was a long pause.

Working for my dad was totally the safe choice and totally the story of my life. All my jobs in my early twenties were because I knew someone or my dad knew someone or my siblings knew someone or my pug knew someone. I was tiptoeing through my career. I knew it deep down, but I wouldn’t admit it to myself. I was afraid to take any risks because I was afraid that people would discover what I knew about myself: I was mediocre.

My dad tried calming me down, but I was upset. I knew what a data breach meant, and I knew it would be my responsibility to pull the family business out of this mess. The next four months were a blur of really hard work. I had nightmares of the office getting broken into again. I obsessed over locking the door at night. As I walked to work each morning, I fantasized about getting gently hit by a car and breaking my leg so I wouldn’t have to go. I wished that my dad would just fire me so I could be relieved of the responsibility! But he didn’t fire me, and good thing, because I single-handedly resolved the entire problem.

Months later I came across a career opportunity that terrified and excited me at the same time. It would entail going back to school, intimidating interviews, and not hiding behind someone else’s reputation, but worst of all, the real possibility of a humiliating rejection. It was everything that I had never let myself strive for, but, for the first time ever, I thought “I can do this. It’ll be tough, but I can do this.” And here I am today, challenging myself and loving every minute of it.

How I’m expanding what’s possible with money

Giving intentionally to causes and organizations I’m inspired by. Encouraging young people on how to get organized and confident around their finances. Brainstorming how I can be both a farmer and a financial planner.

Outside of work, my passions include

I love to read–I’m never without a good book. My husband and I love to get outside on the weekends for a day trip, bike ride, or hike. I also love farms and daydreaming about the farm life.

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