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My Story

Like so many of her generation, my mom wasn’t taught about personal finances. After my dad’s stroke, she was not only forced to become a full-time caregiver (all while still teaching elementary school), she also had to take over the family finances which involved trudging through bills and statements piled high on his desk.  

As an only child, I decided to step up and become more involved. My heart pounded as I told her I’d seen a statement showing very little money left in their investment accounts. Mom suspected something was off, but admitted to being overwhelmed by the 30-page statements. Whenever she called her broker, he assured her she was doing well. 

I was determined to help my mom figure this out.

Over the coming months, I went into the weeds, did a lot of research, and sought some sound advice. It became clear that this broker was a crook and had stolen my parent’s money. We hired a lawyer and a forensics accountant and decided to sue.

When we won the case, my mom and I cried tears of both joy and relief. What an emotional roller coaster we’d been on! It was time for a new chapter to begin, one where I helped her build a healthy financial life where she retired comfortably with peace of mind.

How I’m expanding what’s possible with money

I appreciate the opportunity to help people explore and achieve their life and financial goals. I enjoy facilitating deep conversations that align spending with personal values to help each person live fulfilling and meaningful lives. Personally, I’ve been inspired by Resource Generation to mindfully donate a larger percentage of my income to causes addressing wealth inequality and climate change.

Outside of work, my passions include

Getting out into nature to hike, traveling internationally (30 countries and counting! It’s a bonus when I get to visit friends from other countries), exploring new playgrounds with my toddler, spending time with the Jewish community, playing strategy board games, retreats, and reading fiction books with my book club (but otherwise mostly reading non-fiction).

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