Kate Sumner

Financial Advisor
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My Story

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How I’m expanding what’s possible with money

I’m encouraging my community to gain knowledge and empowerment around financial matters. I help clients build confidence, establish plans, and envision bolder futures for themselves and their communities. Personally, I am building financial security for myself, and noticing how implementing structures around money has enabled a sense of ease and expanded my imagination of generosity.

Outside of work, my passions include

Every year, I volunteer for ten days with the Timber Framers Guild to construct a long-lasting, sustainable building for a local government or nonprofit. Most recently, I helped cut and raise an oak frame for the Farmers’ Market Pavilion in Independence, Virginia. While timber framing might at first seem like a far cry from the world of financial planning (admittedly, I get rained on less at Abacus), both allow me to use my passion for collaboration to build solid structures in which people and communities can thrive.

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