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Lara Lamb

Lara Lamb, CFP®, is the founder of Lamb Financial Planning LLC, a financial planning firm headquartered in Encino, CA. The company specializes in providing hourly fee-only financial planning services to people from all walks of life. “I’ve always believed that objective, professional advice should be available to anyone,” Lara says. “I founded my firm to act on that belief.”

Since the firm does not accept third-party compensation (that is, payments or commissions from brokerage firms or other organizations), it is genuinely independent, with no potential conflicts of interest in its investment advice. All planning services are offered one-time/as-needed or on an ongoing basis, in order to meet the particular needs of each client.

“It’s exciting to see people discover the benefits of fee-only financial planning for professional advice and asset management services,” Lara says. “Because I work solely for my clients, I have one focus: Empowering my clients with the information and perspective they need to make sound financial decisions, at every stage of life.”


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