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Lauren Boyes

My Story

If I could go back in time and visit my past self in early 2020, I would have told her this: the entire world is about to shut down due to a pandemic; buckle up in 2021 because you’ll give birth to a sweet baby boy; and in 2023, you will be a full-time single mom! (I imagine my past self would have passed out on the spot.)

When I talk to people about how the early 2020s affected them, it’s common to hear the pandemic shifted much in their lives. People had big realizations about their priorities and followed them up with action. For some, it was making a big career shift to follow their true passion. For others, it was moving home closer to family. I think about the millions of relationships that started and ended. Thousands of new lives were brought into this world. Millions got sick and passed away. Collectively, we went through a giant death and rebirth that brought into focus what matters most. This shift allowed many of us to live more authentically and purpose driven.

Having a child opened old wounds and forced me to go deeper into myself than I’d ever gone before. There was a lot of pain and fear when I became a single mom. However, with pain comes a mirror of duality. I have never felt such an immense depth of gratitude and joy. I see the world through an entirely new lens. A lens that shows me how precious life is and how every good or bad feeling is temporary. I see that what often stops us from reaching our full potential is our own limiting beliefs and self-given stories.

I think a lot about the limiting beliefs I had prior to becoming a mom. I remember the fear I felt when my midwife placed my son on my chest for the first time. I was so scared and unsure. I didn’t believe I was strong enough. How could I care for this sweet little soul when I felt so unprepared to care for myself? 

It feels like I have lived many lifetimes since then. Becoming a parent has been the most challenging and fulfilling piece in my life. My son has given me the gift of healing many narratives that once held me back. He has shown me, truly, how strong and capable I am. Not only that, but he has also shifted my priorities to focus on what matters most.

Throughout life, we will metaphorically, and quite literally, experience seasons of deaths and births. It is my life’s mission to help my clients and community weather these chapters and know they aren’t alone. For anyone reading this, I ask – what limiting beliefs and narratives are you holding on to? What changes can you make right now that would let you step into a more purpose-driven life? How can others help support and nourish your dreams? Let’s work together to help bring your life’s purpose and dreams into focus.

How I’m expanding what’s possible with money

Expanding the possibilities of money involves a holistic approach tailored to an individual’s goals and aspirations. I feel most fulfilled when collaborating closely with my clients and can offer tailored solutions that align with their vision, values, and financial objectives, thereby expanding the horizons of what’s possible with their wealth.

Outside of work, my passions include

Adventures with my son, hiking, hot yoga, meditation, reading, and travel.

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