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My Story

A meaningful career was always important to me, which is why I spent years as ordained clergy. Oddly enough, it’s also why I became a financial advisor. Out of college, I asked the big life questions that many people do. This led me into seminary and ministry work because I wanted to be with and lead others as they worked through important matters of life like birth, death, and everything in between. 

Over a decade, I served various churches, a hospital, and even a college campus. In many ways, being a pastor brought the meaning I had hoped for. So why was it I had a nagging feeling this work wasn’t a long-term fit for me?

The thing is, I studied economics in college and truly enjoyed it. I’ve always been a planning type of person; I’ve spent my free time organizing budgets and thinking strategically about money more than I’ve cared to admit. But it never crossed my mind that I could use those money and economic skills in a future career because I equated them with greed and selfishness. In my mind, only jobs like teacher or nurse – or for me, pastor – could be deemed worthy.  

My time as a college chaplain brought my interests together and challenged my simple thinking. As a pastor on a college campus, students sat for hours on couches in my tiny office and shared everything about their lives. They didn’t just talk about spiritual matters: they spoke of dating, schoolwork, internships, family, and college activities. And, lo and behold, money. 

I remember seniors asking for my advice about their first job offers because they didn’t know what a 401(k) was. Students worried about paying off their student loans and had no idea where to start. I realized I was working with some of the brightest students in the country, but they didn’t know how to manage their own finances. It became increasingly fulfilling to talk with students about their personal finances, and I began to understand that conversations around money could be helpful and even meaningful. 

When I found Abacus, it clicked that there was a place I could work that focused on money and service. By helping people with their personal finances, I’m guiding them to care more for themselves. That’s a different kind of service, to be sure. I’m no no longer officiating weddings or funerals or ministering to those in the hospital, but I have found that serving people – helping them find peace around money – can make the world a little bit better. 

How I’m expanding what’s possible with money

Your salary doesn’t determine your financial stability! I worked in the non-profit sector for a decade and realized I could experience financial peace and freedom without a massive salary. I want to pass that possibility on to others by helping them identify their goals and create a realistic plan for debt management, spending, and saving.

Outside of work, my passions include

Spending time on any beach: sitting, floating, or walking. Listening to 80s rock (but mostly Bono). Eating chocolate.

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