Mary Beth Storjohann, CFP®

Chief Marketing Officer

My Story

I didn’t grow up with a burning passion for all things money. It wasn’t until college that I found myself with a job in a small financial planning firm, which led me to discover a passion for financial education and planning.

As a young woman with a career in financial services, I grappled with being both a minority among financial advisors and a member of one of the most underserved factions of our population. Older men were dismissive. Clients called me “kiddo”. The very first boss I had told me that I “couldn’t sit for my Certified Financial Planner exam until he could sit for his.”

Despite the obstacles, I spent a decade of my career struggling up the corporate ladder and resorted to frequent job-hopping as I hit the career growth ceiling at firm after firm. I pushed through and over ten years advanced from an entry-level receptionist to Director of Financial Planning. It was invigorating, but left me wanting more as I came to the realization that both Millennials and Generation X, the exact people I wanted to work with, were largely underserved by the financial planning industry. The firms I worked with and explored insisted that these populations, who hadn’t yet built up their assets, weren’t “compatible with our business model.”

In 2013, I took a leap of faith and founded Workable Wealth to help those people. My family worried I’d given up a steady income. Old coworkers were concerned about the risk. The industry as a whole held the stance that this group simply “didn’t want or need the financial advice”. Some people thought I was crazy, but I guess Abacus thought I was just crazy enough for them to merge with Workable Wealth and make me their Chief of Marketing.

Seven years, one book, one podcast, and hundreds of media features later, thousands of families around the country have been reached with the message of making smarter choices with your money. My goal with Workable Wealth was to directly help 50,000 people make smarter choices with their money. I’m at 13,156 and counting. Who’s next?

How I’m expanding what’s possible with money

I enjoy breaking down complex personal finance topics into easily digestible information. I use the power of story to educate and engage people in their financial lives through writing, speaking, and podcasting. I strive to make money relatable, which breaks down emotional barriers and helps others to see what’s possible in their lives. I frequently read books, blogs and attend conferences or retreats to expand on these skills.

Outside of work, my passions include

At this point in life my husband and I are raising two tiny humans, so I can’t particularly recall what “passions” are. However, aside from listening to Mickey Mouse’s “Hot Dog” song and Frozen’s “Let it Go” for a combined one hundred times per day, I imagine they include: international travel, all things Disney, coffee + wine (refer back to the raising tiny humans statement), frequent rides on our Peloton bike, baking, writing, mentoring women trying to break into or move upwards in the financial services industry, and hosting the Work Your Wealth podcast.

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