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Welcome to Abacus Wealth Partners.  We help you make the best use of your financial resources, freeing your time to enjoy what matters most in life. We show you where you are, protect you from financial dangers, create a roadmap for your future, manage your investments, and provide advice that touches every area of your life.

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I need someone to answer my financial questions

Your dedicated Abacus financial planner can advise you on budgeting, insurance, home ownership, college savings, retirement planning and more. Learn more

I have sophisticated wealth management needs

Our signature service addresses every aspect of complex financial situations, including intergenerational wealth transfer, philanthropy, real estate, concentrated stock and business ownership. Learn more

I prefer to make financial decisions on my own

Our self-study resources can teach you how to make better financial decisions and improve your relationship to money. Learn more

I need help managing my money

We pay close attention to the things we can control (risk, fees, taxes, environmental impact) so that you can stop worrying about the things you can’t (the economy, inflation, Congress, longevity). Learn more

Over two decades ago, our co-founder Spencer Sherman ran into a burning building to save his client files. While we’ve now made it a policy to avoid physical danger, our devotion to our clients is unchanged. Read our story

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Done By 60: The Liveaboard Life

Done By 60: The Liveaboard Life

Here's one way to simplify your life and lower your expenses in retirement.

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Two Weeks In France: My Time As A Pleasure Seeker

Two Weeks in France: My Time as a Pleasure Seeker

Learning about our financial tendencies can be a beneficial and transformational process.

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Meet Our Team
Kyle Williams

Kyle Williams

Financial Advisor

The reason I got into this profession: One evening, when I was 12 or 13, my father said, “Kyle, please come into my office.” His tone was official and I had heard these words before—I was in trouble. I hesitantly walked into my father’s office, shoulders hunched and head down,…

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