Abacus and Halcyon Financial Planning – A New Merger

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Halcyon Financial Planning has merged with Abacus.

We are delighted to announce that Portland, Oregon-based Halcyon Financial Planning and founder, Will Kaplan, CFP® have joined Abacus Wealth Partners. Will joins Abacus as a Lead Advisor and Advisor Experience Liaison who will lend his two decades of experience in financial services and technology to enhance Abacus’ internal operations and increase advisor capacity. 

As similarly-minded fiduciaries who believe in putting people first, Halcyon and Abacus believe this partnership will help truly expand what is possible with money for Halcyon’s clients.

When deciding on a merger partner, Will says, “First and foremost any potential partner needed to be independent, fee-only, and under a fiduciary relationship with their clients. Abacus checks all three of those boxes. This is how I operated as Halcyon and I consider those requirements to be non-negotiable. Beyond that, Abacus doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’ when it comes to their values. They are not only a founding B Corp member, but they helped pioneer and champion sustainable investing.”

Reflecting on the merger, Abacus Co-CEO Mary Beth Storjohann says, “We are honored to welcome Halcyon’s clients to Abacus. Will Kaplan and I first met in 2016. I have seen the passion and innovation he brings to his business, as well as his immense dedication to his clients. Having Halcyon join us will not only expand our presence into the Portland, Oregon area, but will also add a distinct set of skills and talent to Abacus’ growing team.”

Abacus welcomes the Halcyon family into our own and we look forward to tapping into each other’s unique expertise for the benefit of our clients for many years to come.


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