Abacus Welcomes New Co-Chief Investment Officers

Abacus Co-CIOs Matt Rivera and Lindsey Woodward

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We are excited to announce Matt Rivera and Lindsey Woodward as the Co-Chief Investment Officers (Co-CIOs) of Abacus Wealth Partners. Both Lindsey and Matt are Senior level financial advisors and Partners here at Abacus.

Collectively, Matt and Lindsey bring two CFP® designations, a CFA, an MBA, and 25 years of investment management experience spanning companies such as Blackrock, Barclays, Dimensional, and Thornburg to the role. Their skills range from process creation to rigorous due diligence, to education, management, communications, industry involvement, and more. Having these two highly-qualified investment professionals step into the CIO role will enhance Abacus’ investment management capabilities, long-term growth prospects, and Abacus’ presence in the industry. 

Both Lindsey and Matt share a vision for Abacus to continue to be a leader in the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) space. They are looking forward to further collaboration with clients and peers to push ESG and impact forward. They are active in organizations such as WISE (Women Investing for a Sustainable Economy), the Dimensional Sustainability Council, Acumen Next, and Confluence Philanthropy.

Together, they are infusing renewed vigor into advisor education and training, giving the Abacus Investment department and team even more robust processes and organization, as well as providing continued excellent support and resources to our clients.

Abacus congratulates Matt and Lindsey on their new roles. As a company, we look forward to this next chapter at Abacus with the two of them leading our Investment team!


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