Presenting the 2023 Abacus Wealth Partners Impact Report

Cover of the 2023 Abacus Impact Report

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We are delighted to present the inaugural edition of the Abacus Wealth Partners Impact Report. As a values-aligned financial planning and investment firm, we are committed to amplifying the impact work we have been doing – both past and present – and how we will continue to engage with this work in the future. 

The 2023 Abacus Impact Report is a comprehensive overview exploring the areas where Abacus has made a substantial impact over the past year. It offers a detailed examination of our actions through three distinct lenses: financial advice, investments, and our contribution to the broader industry. 

By publishing this report, our intention is to offer a closer look into the tangible ways we align our principles with our actions as a values-driven financial advisory firm. This report serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to creating meaningful change in the world and the financial industry.

2023 Abacus
Impact Report

Reflections on our collective journey toward expanding what's possible with money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an impact report? 

An impact report serves as a comprehensive document outlining an organization’s contributions to society and the environment. It captures initiatives that drive positive change and measures broader outcomes. Measurement is integral to impact reporting as it fosters a culture of accountability and transparency while allowing the organization and others following their work an opportunity to learn and evolve.

Why did Abacus create an impact report? 

Abacus has decided to publish an annual impact report in an effort to transparently communicate the actions we are taking to promote positive change in today’s world. By creating this report and updating it each year, we aim to share with our clients, our peers in the industry, and the general public the ways we are committed to our values through measurable action.  

How often will Abacus publish the Abacus Impact Report?

We plan to publish an updated Abacus Impact Report at the beginning of each year.

How can I follow the firm’s progress? 

You can stay up to date on Abacus’ impact by subscribing to our monthly newsletter at


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