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Our self-study resources can help you learn more about managing your finances and are ideal for the “do-it-yourself” person. Whatever your specific situation, our self-study resources will help you on your financial journey.

Seek Balance

What is your financial archetype? Take our five-minute quiz from the Money and Spirit Workshop and discover your money personality.

The Money and Spirit Workshop

To build the financial future you want, you need to look within. In The Money and Spirit Workshop, Spencer Sherman and Brent Kessel present a unique and powerful program for transforming your financial life to increase your wealth, support your highest goals and turn money into a lifelong ally. We offer clear instructions for the do-it-yourself investor with our free Rainbow Portfolio® calculator.

Listen and Learn

These Money Pearls are excerpts from The Money and Spirit Workshop. They are available at a significantly cheaper price.

Online Course

Read Our Books

Suggested Reading


The Investment Answer—Dan Goldie and Gordon Murray
Retire Rich—Jim O’Shaughnessy
What Works on Wall Street—Jim O’Shaughnessy
Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth—Nick Murray
Big Mistakes: The Best Investors and Their Worst Investments—Michael Batnick



The Soul of Money—Lynne Twist and Theresa Barker
Your Money or Your Life—Joe Dominguez, Vicki Robin and Monique Tilford

Personal Growth

Money and the Meaning of Life—Jacob Needleman
The Richest Man in Babylon—George S. Clason
The Seven Stages of Money Maturity—George Kinder

Inheritors and Children of Affluence

The Opposite of Spoiled—Ron Lieber
The Inheritor’s Handbook—Dan Rottenberg
Silver Spoon Kids—Jon and Eileen Gallo
The First National Bank of Dad—David Owen

Money Conflict

Money Harmony: Resolving Money Conflicts in Your Life and Relationships—Olivia Mellan


Wealthy and Wise—Claude Rosenberg, Jr.


Green to Gold—Daniel Esty and Andrew Winston


The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid—C.K. Prahalad

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