Webinar Video: Top 5 Questions Women Investors are Asking Now

Guidance for Smart Money Decisions in (Un)usual Times

Investors have had a wild ride in 2020 — and the year’s not over. At Abacus, we know how important it is for women to be involved and proactive with their money. This webinar is for women investors looking for guidance on how to navigate the tough terrain with a calm and grounded approach. 

You’ll get answers from Abacus advisors on the top 5 questions we’re hearing from women today:

  1. What do I need to know about my portfolio?
  2. Is this time different?
  3. Will this turbulence continue?
  4. Where can I keep my money so it’s safe?
  5. Will I have enough?

Watch the full recording of our 45-minute talk to better understand how you’re invested today, if/when you need to change your investments, and how to take the long term approach to investing.


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