Webinar Video: LGBTQ & Flying Solo

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Single and Financially Independent through Your 60s And Beyond

We cried and celebrated when marriage became legal for all Americans, still many in the LGBTQ community have opted to stay legally single. Since so much financial advice is geared toward married couples, it’s time to talk about what it means to be single and financially independent.

In honor of Pride Month, members of the Abacus LGBTQ Committee organized and hosted a virtual town hall. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ Barrett Porter, Jana Davis, and Scott Swanson explore unique opportunities, ideas, and challenges for those who are nearing the ‘work-optional’ stage of their lives.

You’ll likely enjoy this video if you are:

  • Single and staying that way
  • An unmarried couple with no intent to marry
  • In a non-traditional relationship
  • Curious about learning a new way of living


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