Reflections on 2023: Expanding What’s Possible

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To our Clients and Friends of Abacus, 

As we reflect on the close of 2023, we find ourselves compelled to express our deepest gratitude to you – our cherished clients, colleagues and friends. The past year has been one of growth, impactful initiatives, volatility, and change, and your unwavering support and engagement have been instrumental in enabling us to extend our positive influence and contribute meaningfully to the world. 

In particular, we are delighted to share some key accomplishments in 2023 made possible by your support:

  • The Abacus Wealth Partners Scholarship for Increased Diversity In Financial Planning – In 2023, we established a $100,000 scholarship fund aimed at promoting diversity within the financial services profession and supporting students pursuing CFP® certification. This scholarship supports individuals from underrepresented populations in the profession who demonstrate financial need. Four deserving recipients were honored this year, marking the beginning of a four-year commitment to award a total of sixteen scholarships.
  • Continued Pro Bono Financial Planning – Our pro bono initiative continued to assist underserved communities.  Abacans provided over 100 hours of pro bono financial planning this year and once again offered additional  sessions during Pride Month, centering LGBTQIA+ community members.
  • Launch of the If Money Were Easy Podcast – Co-CEOs Mary Beth Storjohann and Neela Hummel embarked on a journey to explore all facets of money in a fun and informative podcast. As of November 2023 they’ve released 30 episodes covering topics ranging from the gender wage gap to making work optional, and even sharing how they personally manage their own money.
  • Creation of our Advocacy Policy – Our Director of Impact, Kate Barron-Allicante, worked closely with our leadership team to define strategic areas where Abacus can make the most impact.  In 2023, Abacus’ advocacy in the investment arena has focused on using our voice in the climate and investing conversation.
  • 2023 Abacus Wealth Partners Impact Report Coming Soon – We’ve been busy collecting and compiling data all year long so that we can present to you all the ways we are committed to creating an impact via our work, mission, and values. Be on the lookout for the report being published in early 2024.
  • Awards and Recognition – We are humbled and honored to have received several awards in 2023, including the NAPFA Foundation Pro Bono Service Award, recognition as Real Leaders Top Impact Companies, acknowledgment among America’s Top RIAs by Financial Advisor magazine, and being named among the Best Financial Advisors & Wealth Management Firms in Los Angeles, CA by Advisory HQ.

At the core of our endeavors is the collective aspiration to leave the world in a better state than we found it. Together, we align values with financial decisions, provide security and legacy for loved ones, and act as responsible stewards of the planet.

Abacus owes its existence to the invaluable contributions of our clients, dedicated team members, and our community of supporters and collaborators. There is no Abacus without you. We extend heartfelt thanks for your kindness, curiosity, critiques, and connection. We look forward to continuing to honor your investment in us, and we are excited about the journey ahead.

With sincere gratitude, 

The Abacus Wealth Partners Team


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