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The reason I got into this profession

When my favorite grandfather passed away, I was only 9 years old. He was too young to die but even more sadly, he left my 60 year old grandmother with a mountain of debt and no knowledge of finances whatsoever. She had never written a check nor had any idea how to live within a budget. Fortunately, my parents were able to help her get back on her feet financially. However she was a proud woman, and it hurt her deeply that she had to rely upon them. On more than one occasion, she said to me, “Beth, don’t ever let this happen to you.”

After a career in market research, I took some time off to raise a family. As I considered what to do next, I was driven by the memory of my grandmother and my desire to help others who lacked confidence with their money management skills.

As a financial advisor, I work closely with my clients, many of whom are women, to develop a unique and personalized financial plan that solves their specific needs. It’s extremely important to me that each of my clients clearly understands and can visualize the different paths/options that lead them to their financial independence. There are many forks in the road of life, so it’s important and extremely empowering to understand the long-term impact of each decision along the way.

One thing I’m doing to help the planet

I walk and bike everywhere I can. I also purchase seasonal, sustainably farmed local food products whenever possible.

Outside of work, my passions include

Hiking the Santa Monica mountains, reading, yoga, and travel with my husband.

One goal I’m saving for

A trip to Alaska. I worked on a salmon processing barge in college and vowed I’d return when I had the time and resources to explore that magnificent state more thoroughly.

The primary way I’m advancing my career knowledge

I am a Level 2 voluntary tax preparer for the IRS, preparing taxes each year for low-income senior citizens. In addition to providing a great deal of personal fulfillment in helping them, it keeps me up to date on new tax code changes.


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