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David DeWolf

The reason I got into this profession

I was on the corporate fast track, working as a CFO—slaving away for The Man but enjoying it because it was finance. Like many of my corporate brethren, I decided to earn an MBA, choosing to attend the UCLA Anderson Executive MBA program. It was there that my life would change when a classmate asked me, “Wouldn’t it be more rewarding to help people plan for their futures than to help corporations plan for theirs?”

The question resonated with me and planted the entrepreneurial seed in my mind. That classmate, Darius Gagne, and I then started planning our own future. As soon as we graduated, I took out a second mortgage on my house and the two of us started Quantum Wealth Management, building it from the ground up. Looking back, it is hard to believe that we started a wealth management firm with no potential clients ready to sign, while walking away from lucrative corporate careers that each of us enjoyed. On top of that, a year earlier my wife had given birth to identical twins and we had nothing saved in the bank. However, I had that untapped credit on the house, a passion for finance and a strong desire to create something special. Naturally, I figured it would be easy.

The next few years were a blur, as I focused on surviving the mounting pile of debt that comes with a startup, enduring the early years of parenthood and trying to find that next client, all during the Great Recession. In reflection, it probably wasn’t as easy as I dreamed it would be, but it was definitely worth every moment.

Merging our firm with Abacus Wealth Partners in 2011 was just one more step on the rewarding path of helping people plan for their future.

Outside of work, my passions include

I have always enjoyed sporting activities such as scuba diving, skiing, soccer and volleyball. I am blessed to have active, identical twin boys, and I now spend many of my evenings and weekends coaching them in various team sports. I am also able to carve out time to play competitive soccer and occasionally vacation in places that allow me to enjoy diving and skiing.

One goal I’m saving for

I’m saving to take my family on an African vacation by 2020.

The primary way I’m advancing my career knowledge

Behavioral finance is a subject I find tremendously intriguing. Economic theory says that people try to maximize their given utility, while in reality so many of us will make decisions that repeatedly undermine our long-term goals and aspirations. I am always striving to increase my knowledge and understanding of the subject in an effort to help others avoid the financial pitfalls that could greatly hinder our progress towards a fulfilling retirement.


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