Melissa Hertz

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Melissa Hertz

My Story

I stood atop the podium: first place All-Around! 

For years, gymnastics was my home away from home. I practiced four hours a day, six days a week. Bars, beam, floor, vault. My life revolved around balancing on a 4-inch piece of wood. My parents thought gymnastics was a waste of time but for me it filled my longing for routine, stability and belonging. It gave me a place for my obsessive pursuit of precision and perfection.

Truthfully, I didn’t relish competing. I’d slick my hair back into a tight bun, controlling what I could. My heart pounded in my ears. All eyes were upon me. It was a game of inches, repetition and nerves. It was a love-hate relationship. All the wobbles, imperfections and fear were on display for everyone to see. Failure is often just as important as success. 

What I did enjoy was practicing and perfecting my craft with my teammates. Backhand spring after backhand spring, I gained skills and confidence. Each aerial was joyous weightlessness! Flow. Mindfulness. A feeling of wholeness.

Gymnastics has given me so much more than just medals and trophies. It made me diligent and strong. It fostered a calling to support my team, my family and my community. Gymnastics made me… me.

How I’m expanding what’s possible with money

Parenting my two boys has been a great joy and probably my largest, most rewarding contribution to the world. I have strived to raise empathetic, generous and financially aware young men and to instill the value that personal net worth is not the same as personal self-worth.

Outside of work, my passions include

I love the simple pleasures in life: Having coffee with my husband in the morning, spending quality time with my children, hiking in the Santa Monica mountains with my Aussie Shepherds, reading historic fiction, and authentically connecting with people.

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