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My Story

I come from amazing women who have always handled their responsibilities with grace and made the most of what they had. My grandmother raised six children, mostly on her own, and worked tirelessly to provide for her family and pay the bills. My single mother raised my brother and me; although it must have been challenging, we always felt loved and taken care of.

Despite being a responsible saver and careful spender, my grandmother didn’t have an ideal outcome. We tragically lost her to cancer. We later discovered that her life insurance policy – which she had faithfully paid for her whole life – was almost worthless. It didn’t cover much, including her funeral arrangements. She genuinely believed she had made the right choices and set her affairs in order, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the case. 

I so admired her efforts. Considering her limited education, she still managed to create a decent life for herself. And yet, the lack of resources after her passing left our family in a difficult situation. If we had known – if anyone had known – maybe we could have made different arrangements. 

It’s tough to think you’re prepared and doing the right thing, only to realize later that it might not align with your desired outcomes. What if my grandmother had someone she trusted, someone knowledgeable about life insurance? Someone who could have reviewed her policy, explained its inadequacy, and guided her towards a better solution? 

Life is full of uncertainties. With my background in education and my strong interest in finance, along with my passion for helping others, financial services has led me to honor the legacy of strong women in my family. I assist people in building a strong financial future, ensure their investments align with their goals, and provide answers to their questions as they navigate the complexities of personal finance. 

All these years later, I try to be the someone in the know that my grandmother deserved.

How I’m expanding what’s possible with money

By spending mindfully, saving intentionally, and appreciating what I have. I’m passionate about empowering family and friends to gain control over their finances. You’ll often find me sharing personal finance books and podcasts and explaining financial topics in a way that’s easy to understand.

Outside of work, my passions include

Traveling with family and friends and taking lots of pictures (I have a library of over 60,000 photos!) I enjoy leisurely walks, cycling, and snapping pictures of flowers. I’m on an endless mission to learn French, so I practice the language daily.

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