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Wende Headley

My Story

Dual careers felt easy in the early years when it was just me and my husband. 25 years ago we were both ambitious MBAs on paths to take on executive responsibilities in our careers.  His work was corporate, transactional and travel-heavy. I was in the management consulting and then start-up world, wearing multiple hats and working long hours.

Fast-forward to 3 kids and a home to maintain – something had to give. We wished we could clone ourselves and both be present more with the kids while having thriving careers. As our responsibilities grew in our respective jobs, we had to decide whether we would add more childcare help or if one or both of us would change career paths.  

Thankfully from a financial perspective, the timing coincided with my start-up going public. I had joined early on, and made some money with the IPO, which gave us freedom to pay down some of our mortgage, jump start college funds, and allowed me to downshift my career to be with kids more. I made the decision to stay home with our third son for a year after he was born and that one year turned into four. I really enjoyed the time with the kids and felt lucky to have the option to be with them.

Even though I loved being home with family, it was a mental challenge for me to take my foot off the pedal professionally. In 2010 I decided to pivot into a career that provides more flexibility and control over my schedule, while creating an impact in individual lives. Financial planning is a wonderful balance of quantitative and qualitative work that allows me to blend my personal experience and 20+ years of finance and problem-solving skills into an engaging process that helps clients find more joy with their money. 

How I’m expanding what’s possible with money

I am a Certified Financial Planner™,  Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and Partner at Abacus.  I lead our firm-wide Women & Money initiative, which provides resources and education about the broad range of financial issues faced by women. In addition to my primary role as wealth manager for my clients, I regularly speak at local women’s and professional organizations, host investment discussion circles with women in Pasadena, and serve as an AARP Tax Aide volunteer for low-income seniors.

I earned an MBA from Harvard University, a BA in Economics and French from the University of Michigan, and a Certificate in Financial Planning from UCLA.

Outside of work, my passions include

I enjoy spending quality time with my husband and children. Whenever possible, you might find me skiing, running, doing a triathlon, volunteering at my kids’ school, or attempting to get that next book read for my Book Club.

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